Why is Vintage Native American Jewelry so valuable?

Posted by David Grant on

Vintage Native American jewelry is becoming more and more valuable as each year goes by. There are several reasons for this so let's dive in.

The first reason would be because of rarity. The rarity of vintage Native American jewelry is increasing due to higher demand and lower supply. Collectors recognize that there is just too much newer jewelry as well as fake jeweler that is to be avoided. Older jewelry looks better when being worn mostly due to patina and classic styling. It is also more popular among celebrities and social groups, mostly due to the unique appearance.

The more a buyer collects, the more they gravitate towards vintage Native American jewelry. Learning the history about tribal silversmithing is incredibly fascinating and interesting. This art goes back over 100 years so there is so much to learn including the origins of designs, meaning of the symbols, and materials artists have used over the years.

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