Orvil Jack Turquoise

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Orvil Jack turqruoise is a brilliant lime green colored turquoise, which is unique in all the world of turquoise. Orvil Jack turquoise is named for a  man who began mining in Nevada back in 1956. Orvil Jack moved his family to Nevada and staked a few turquoise claims in the Crescent Vally of Lander County, Nevada. His wife Bessie and daughter Grace helped him in those early days. At first they were only concerned with the blue spider-web turquoise. Lime green Orvil Jack turquoise was not sought by the Jacks at that time.
In the early days of the claim, green turqupise like the Orvil Jack turquoise, was tossed aside. It just was not good enough to keep in the eyes of the Jacks in the early days. Then in 1983, Orvil discovered the beautiful lime green Orvil Jack tuquoise vein. He was aparently impressed with those greenish stones and continued to mine the area. Orvil Jack green turquoise was getting  ready to come into the public eye.
As was said, in the early days of the Orvill Jack tuquoise mine green turquoise was  discarded when found. However at that time the Jacks rarely came across the lime gren turquoise, later to be called Orvil Jack turquoise. Things changed in 1983 when Orvil was at what was to be one of the last places he dug. He discovered a vein of the beautiful lime green stones. Orvil, struck this time, continued to mine the area. He sold only a small amount of the "new" color, keeping most for himself. Orvil sadly passed away in 1986. However a few years later two talented bead makers, Bob Hall and Lee Louden, became enthused with the green turquoise. They eventually helped the family mine the Orvil Jack turquoise mine, and popularized the lime green stones.
The Orvil Jack turquoise mine has produced  stones with vivid greens, yellows and blues. The usual blue turquoise  coloration is derived from the copper and aluminum contained in it. As other minerals replace these, there are color changes. The brillliant green turquoise found in the Orvil Jack turquoise mine is the rarest turquoise. In this neon green stone, zinc replaces the other elements in varying degrees. The Blue Ridge or Orvil Jack turquoise mine only sells turquoise that is natural with no dying, stabilization or treatment. The hard green Orvil Jack turquoise is only found in this mine, and the rarity, hardness and quality make it very collectable.
The simple mining techniques used by the Jacks in their Orvil Jack turquoise mine are interesting to know about. A big dozer would expose dirt, and it would be checked for pieces of turquoise. On seeing a vein of turquoise, smaller equipment was switched to for more precise dirt removal. Air hammers were then used to drill around the sides of an exposed vein. The miners at the Orvil Jack turquoise mine then used picks, shovels and saws to clean, refine and sort the turquoise. This process, hard to duplicate with modern regulations, rarely turned up the lime green tuquoise for the Jacks in the early days. That was  all to change with Orvil's 1983 find of the Orvil Jack turquoise vein.
Different people like different colors of turquoise due solely to personal preference. However the brilliant lime green color of Orvil Jack turquoise make it unique in the world of turquoise. Orvil Jack made Orvil Jack turquoise known to turquoise artists and collectors. His efforts and history made lime green Orvil Jack turquoise some of the most sought after of turquoise stones. Lime green Orvil Jack turquoise is something  truly special!

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