The Biggest And Best Vintage Navajo Canteen Turquoise Native American Jewelry Silver Necklace

$ 3,249.99 $ 12,999.95

Product Description

This is a museum quality vintage Navajo Native American jewelry Native American jewelry canteen silver necklace being the largest canteen we have ever seen. Located on each side of the canteen are colossal spiderweb turquoise stones that appear to either be Last Chance or old Morenci turquoise. The canteen measures a gargantuan 9" X 4-3/4" and the largest turquoise stone measures a mind blowing 2-1/4" X 1-1/2". This piece is completely solid sterling silver. Check out the chain on this necklace, which measures 44" long. It allows you to wear the piece over the shoulder comfotably. The silver work that surrounds the canteen is marvelous and includes sun patterns with accenting slanted line segments. Sterling silver. Cir. Mid century . Sturdy 324 grams.