Important Native American Navajo Symbolic Horned Toad Sterling Silver Turquoise Bracelet

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This is a tremendous Navajo large heavy horned toad silver bracelet. This phenomenal bracelet contains a fascinating very large detailed handmade silver horny toad that measures a whopping 3-1/4" X 2-1/2". Resting on the back of the toad are four large circular shaped Old Kingman turquoise stones. The texture and detailing on the toad is just astonishing. This bracelet contains a fascinating sturdy and thick triple silver shank cuff that graduates in width towards the center. The height at the center of the bracelet measures around 3-1/4" while the width at the center of the triple silver shank cuff measures around 2-1/8".

The horny toad, also known as the horned lizard or horned frog, holds significant symbolism in Native American cultures, particularly in the Southwest regions of the United States.

In Native American traditions, the horny toad is often associated with protection, survival, and adaptability. It is considered a creature that possesses special abilities and qualities that can be beneficial to individuals or communities. Here are some key symbolic meanings associated with the horny toad:

1. Protection: The horny toad is believed to have protective qualities. Its ability to camouflage itself and its physical defenses, such as the spikey horns, are seen as symbols of protection from harm and danger.

2. Survival: The horned lizard is known for its ability to adapt to harsh desert environments. Its association with survival represents resilience, perseverance, and the ability to navigate through challenging circumstances.

3. Wisdom and Observation: The horny toad is considered a keen observer of its surroundings. Its watchful nature and ability to blend into the environment symbolize wisdom, attentiveness, and the importance of paying attention to one's surroundings.

4. Healing and Medicinal Properties: In some Native American traditions, the horny toad is associated with healing and medicinal properties. Certain tribes believe that parts of the horned lizard, such as its skin or organs, possess healing qualities and are used in traditional medicine.

In Native American jewelry, the horny toad can be depicted through various artistic mediums, such as silverwork, beadwork, or carvings. These representations often emphasize the distinct features of the horned lizard, including its spikey horns, textured skin, and unique body shape. The inclusion of the horny toad motif in jewelry can serve as a reminder of the symbolic meanings associated with this creature, such as protection, survival, and adaptability. The stones measure around 3/16" x 3/16". Signed by Navajo artist, RM. Sterling silver, marked. Cir. 1970's+. The inside end to end measures around 5-1/2" with an additional 1-1/4" gap. Sturdy 150 grams.

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