Vintage Native American Jewelry

Vintage Native American jewelry has quickly become one of the world's most exclusive and collectible forms of art. Vintage Native American jewelry was usually comprised of metals such as sterling silver and gold. Of course other metals were used but these two metals are what make up the most colelctible pieces. This form of art has become incredibly collectible and highly desired due to the unique nature of the art. Movies and television shows have showcased the beauty of this art. Such art is the most collecitble and desired to collect among Native American jewelry because it is rare and highly sought after.

Native Americans made jewelry from natural materials long ago. However with the coming of the Spanish, Southwestern tribes learned silversmithing skills and began making silver jewelry. Later turquoise and stones like coral were added.

Work from those early days is what is considered  "antique".  It was fostered by the growth of Indian  traders, who would trade supplies for jewelry.

From 1900 to 1955 the railroad expanded. Fred Harvey marketed Native American jewelry to people riding the trains. This demand led to more Naive Americans making their jewelry. Many of the pieces in this time frame were not signed by the artists.

Jewelry made its way to California, where it became popular. The movie and media enterprises made Native American jewelry much more known. Movie stars wore it, and the public at large created a much bigger demand. Much more jewelry was made to keep up with the demand, some not of the quality as in earlier times.

Vintage jewelry came from the period between the 1930s up to the explosion of the 1960s. It features the more traditional techniques and often the dark patina caused by oxidation.

Vintage Native American jewelry is very collectable. It is often acquired from private collections and estates all across the southwest. The Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes created more vintage Native American jewelry than all other tribes and to this day are highly collectible.

People value vintage pieces as a little bit of history. It is recommended to leave the patina as polishing can actually diminish the value.

Vintage Native  American jewelry has a beauty of its own. Perhaps this is why it has become so valued.aborum.